We pride ourselves on going out of our way to be helpful

We enjoy helping mineral owners understand the value of their property, and monetizing those interests when it makes sense for you.

Joan Beckstead (Estate of Elliott J. Ray)

“I’d like to take a moment to share my experience with Robert Hefner and Hefner Energy.

In 2015 my elderly parents asked me to take over their gas, oil, mineral leases, deeds , and transactions. To say I was a neophyte is an understatement! I knew absolutely nothing. I started replying to inquiries from a tower of correspondence and returning phone calls. I was fortunate to call Hefner Energy out of that massive pile.

From the first phone call to the present, Robert Hefner has continued to treat me cordially and respectfully and most importantly educate me. I’m a little fish in this myriad fast paced sometimes scary pond, yet I know Mr. Hefner will always return my phone call, text, or email in a timely manner with good solid advice whether he gets my business or not.

Roberts knowledge of legal documents I have needed and what documents to file have been invaluable. My experience with Hefner Energy has been one of honor, integrity, and always a feeling of good faith. My transactions have been handled expediently with zero hassle and monies transferred exactly as promised.

In this crazy scary world of business, I feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled through Hefner Energy’s Door!”

Charles Jones (Estate)

“I would strongly recommend anyone who reads this to work with Hefner Energy.

We executed our Purchase & Sale Agreement with Hefner back in February of this year for our family mineral interests in Grady County, Oklahoma. During title due diligence they found our interest was in suspense with Marathon and they began working on our behalf, at no expense to us, to probate the Estate of one of my predecessors which took until August. At the end of the process we were astonished to find Marathon had deposited hundreds of thousands of dollars in our bank account that we didn't even know existed prior to Hefner's efforts.

We also couldn't be happier we decided to sell than when we did. Hefner closed with us at the agreed upon price even though the market had moved downward by thousands of dollars per acre during the probating process. We learned first-hand that minerals do not always increase in value, and are thankful to Hefner they choose to operate with such integrity.

I happily recommend Hefner Energy.”

Bill Price (Former U.S. Attorney)

“Hefner Energy is a pleasure to do business with. I have negotiated leases with them and found them true to their word, reliable, fair, and professional. I would recommend doing business with them anytime.”

Rob Abernathy (Chieftain Royalty Co.)

“We have had multiple transactions with Hefner Energy.  They display the highest integrity in every transaction and have a deep working knowledge of land, engineering and geology.  

In addition to maintaining the highest ethical standards, they are a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.”

Christian Taylor (White Sail Energy)

“We’ve worked with Hefner Energy for the past few years and have been very pleased with their business conduct and ability to transact mineral acquisitions. Based on our experience, they’ve always done what they said they would do and closed on time.”

Dr. Kirk Coury (investor)

“I’ve repeatedly invested with Hefner Energy since 2013 and been extremely happy with the results of properties Hefner Energy acquired on our behalf. Prior to Hefner I had never invested in any mineral interests, nor did I know how it all worked.

Their process is simple, and Hefner is able to give me exactly what I’m looking for whether it is heavy monthly cash flow or upside properties where I’m wanting multiples on my investment. Mr. Hefner always makes himself available to any questions I might have.”