Our family has been working side-by-side with mineral owners in Oklahoma since 1905.  We have built a reputation on integrity that has continued into the fifth generation. Selling minerals that might have been in your family for decades is not a decision we believe you’ll take lightly, which is why we hope you’ll consider Hefner Energy.

While you might have the ability to properly manage these interests, few heirs are capable or interested in doing so. In many instances, heirs end up selling for a lower price than what you could negotiate for today with Hefner Energy.

CUT YOUR TAX LIABILITY IN HALF!  Pay 20% instead of 39.5% on your taxes. A sale of minerals will be taxes as capital gains (max 20%), while royalty payments and lease bonus will be taxed as ordinary income (max 39.5%). Selling now could save you a considerable amount of money. *Consult your CPA / Attorney. 

1031 Exchange: Sell minerals and 1031 exchange into like assets (e.g. residential or commercial real estate), deferring 100% of your capital gains taxes. *Consult your CPA / Attorney. 

Invest where you are the expert: Managing these interests can be confusing, stressful, and ultimately cumbersome. The majority of clients we encounter who are not oil and gas professionals choose to sell to us so they can redeploy their capital where they are the expert.

Simplify estate planning: Probating an estate can be costly to a family who has just lost a loved one. Often times heirs are ill-equipped to manage the assets as well. Selling and distributing the proceeds from a sale can be a much more effective way to plan your succession without burdening future generations with mineral management.

Cash out today on future wells: Whether you have 1 well producing or 0 wells producing on your property, we will pay you for multiple wells today.

Avoid steep production declines: Horizontal wells completed today experience declines in production, which can exceed 85% in the first year. While your first revenue check might appear lofty, they generally taper off quickly until you are left with a pittance of what you expected or possibly relied upon.

Avoid depletion: Oil and gas is a depleting asset. Even the best wells won't last forever. At some point, they become uneconomic and will be shut in.

Eliminate uncertainty: Royalty interest revenue is speculative by nature. These interests are subject to commodity prices, operator deductions, and other market forces out of your control. As oil and gas professionals, we are better able to handle those uncertainties.

Simplify taxation: Minerals and royalties can add to your annual tax preparation expenses. Selling to a professional royalty company will drastically simplify your filings and lessen your expenses.

What's Right for You?

Life throws all kinds of expenses your way - children, sports, travel, education, elderly care, health-related expenses, and all kinds of other financial obligations. Let us take the stress and burden of mineral management off your hands, and pay you handsomely for it.