We pride ourselves on swift responses and going out of our way to be helpful

We enjoy helping mineral owners understand the value of their property, and monetizing those interests when it makes sense for them.

We discount all future cash flows and are happy to pay you what your minerals are worth; please give us a call when you're ready. Having paid more than $40,000 per net mineral acre, and deployed nearly $100 million since 2016, we are confident nobody will treat you more fairly.

Our roots in the energy industry run deep in oklahoma

Our family's roots date back to 1905 in the Anadarko Basin when Robert A. Hefner, Sr. ("the Judge") began acquiring minerals in Oklahoma; he was innovative for his time and took on cases from families that couldn't afford legal services, opting instead to take minerals as payment at a time when they were not worth much. Not only is the Mineral Deed in use today partially based upon the original Robert A. Hefner conveyance form, the Judge had acquired over 30,000 net acres of minerals by the time he was elected to the OK Supreme Court in 1934 (Supreme Court justices are no longer elected to office in Oklahoma).

Five generations later, we are still buying minerals and royalties.