Climate Change is a Thing: How Does It Impact You?

As I’ve shared my personal experience and story it’s been nothing short of amazing how positively people react to seeing the world differently. I have taken my energy education for granted, and the more I share with my friends in New York or my friends in California the more information they ask for. This portion of our site will be expanding soon… stay tuned.


Energy Powers Your Life

How many items in this video do you use on a daily basis? Are you willing to give them up?

induced seismicity (2015)

Does fracking cause earthquakes? Read our nationally published article (2015) on the subject.

American air pollution

Has America’s air quality actually become better over time?

Reflection on Energy Policy (2016)

My thoughts on energy policy in the United Sates as of the last election cycle… what’s right and what’s wrong?

How energy poverty hurts the world

What is it like around the world?


The IMF says the world spent $5.2 trillion subsidizing oil and gas in 2017

Don’t make the mistake of quoting this report. Find out why.