Justin C. Woody   Chief Operating Officer

Justin C. Woody

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Justin C. Woody joined Hefner Energy in 2016 as Chief Operating Officer responsible for reservoir engineering, geology, finance, and analytics.

Prior to joining Hefner Energy, Justin was Vice President of Engineering and Geosciences at Questar Corporation, now Dominion Resources (NYSE:D). In this capacity he was responsible for 10-K SEC reserves reporting, a $150mm annual drilling budget, $100mm annual acquisition budget, and an operations team of more than 150 employees. While at Questar, Mr. Woody’s team realized over 25% growth in earnings, evaluated over $5 billion of assets for acquisitions, and executed $250mm in transactions. He previously served in various roles at Questar Corporation and EOG Resources.

Justin has worked hard to help local communities and students as well.  He worked diligently with the University of Utah stakeholders over a two year process to bring a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering to the University which began Fall of 2013.  He also served on the University of Utah College of Engineering Advisory Committee working to help bring students, businesses, and the university closer together, focusing on curriculum and providing students with jobs after graduation. Mr. Woody has presented at numerous industry conferences, including the AGA and AAPL, as an expert on macroeconomic supply/demand and pricing issues facing the oil and gas industry.

Justin holds his Bachelor of Science in Chemical, Biological, and Materials Science Engineering from the University of Oklahoma (with distinction) and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Utah. He was honored in 2013 by being named to Oil & Gas Investor’s inaugural List of 20 under 40 in Exploration & Production.

Robert A. Hefner V   President & CEO

Robert A. Hefner V

President & CEO

John W. Sweeden   Chief Technology Officer

John W. Sweeden

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Tippens   Sr. Capital Markets Advisor

Joe Tippens

Sr. Capital Markets Advisor

Brian Bauer  Acquisition Specialist

Brian Bauer
Acquisition Specialist

Adiamaan Matheswaran  Data Scientist

Adiamaan Matheswaran
Data Scientist

Ford Yates  Acquisition Specialist

Ford Yates
Acquisition Specialist